CTP Plates TP-U

A new double layer thermal CTP plate for UV ink and traditional ink printing. It has high sensitivity and superb dot reproduction.

CTP Plates (TP-II, TP-Q)

High performance positive thermal plates. Ensure perfect quality of colour printing. Production and processing based on Kodak's technologies. Sensitivity 120-140 mj/cm2. Transportation and storage conditions : temp.10-26oC, humidity< 65% (to guarantee durability and stability of operational parameters).

Product card:      TP-II, TP-Q

Analogue PS Plates (YP-S, YP-Q)

Positive analogue plates of high sensitivity (approx. 140 mj/cm2), are at the same time plates of a very high tolerance for chemical agents used in the process. Due to high sensitivity, plates can be also successfully exposed in the CTcP process. Thanks to such values these are the most popular analogue plates in the market.

Product card:      YP-S       YP-Q


Product Sheet:      Eurotak

EUROTAK – The highest quality self-adhesive paper with high brightness and smoothness. Gloss – white coated paper with glossy surface of basis weight 80 g/m2. Characterized by high smoothness, brightness and good opacity. Allows obtaining high quality of prints, susceptible to die-cutting, gold plating, embossing and varnishing. Matt – white coated paper with matt surface, of basis weight 80 g/m2. Characterized by high brightness and good opacity.

Eurotak self-adhesive papers are available in standard with acrylic adhesives Permanent and SP-123 (extra adhesive). On request there are also available DeepFreeze adhesives (for gluing frozen products) and Superpermanent adhesive.

Eurotak papers are provided with notched Split back or not notched Solid back anti-adhesive divider covered with silicon resin. Spaces in notches are equal 36 mm and goes in parallel to 70 cm side (for 50 x70 cm format).


Product Sheet:      Aerocopy

Carbonless paper of the best quality, with very high brightness and dimension stability. Characterized by very high resistivity against temperature, light, humidity and darkening. Quality of this paper guarantees many years durability of printings and copies. Aerocopy paper is manufactured in Spain paper mill Torraspapel.


Printing inks, coatings (oil-based, water-based and dispersion coating), auxiliary means, and other products offered by Huber Polska.


Top quality binder's board with extra smooth surface. Available thickness: 1mm,1,5mm, 2mm, 2,5mm, and 3mm.

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