Correction tapes, staplers, files, peep guard folders, punches, glue tapes, multi-purpose scissors
High capacity expandable files for storing documents with regulated width of the spine from 20 up to 1000 sheets. Modern correction tapes can easily correct skew lines. Equipped with a roller head, flexible pressure head and highly-adhesive correction tape. What is more, they are ecological - with replaceable cartridges, recycled after use. There are models designed for schools, offices and professional applications. Additionally in the brand there can be found a secretary's stapler, HEAVY DUTY stapler with a modern revolving magazine. Innovative peep guard folders were designed to carry implicit documents. New punches: due to application of longer steel handle, the power needed for punching is reduced by 50%, in comparison to standard punches. We recommend also permanent glue tapes and multi-purpose scissors.

Oil-base paint markers, heavy-duty punches, cutting mats, rulers
Oil-base paint markers designed for writing on all types of surfaces, 12 colours, with fine and broad tips, non-fading paint. Paint stick markers for making highly visible marks on dirty, rough surfaces, such as concrete, rusty metal elements, wood and any other surfaces. Products by Japanese Uchida are the most popular industrial markers in the United States, now available also in Europe. Two models of HEAVY DUTY, efficient punches for office and bindery applications. We offer also a three-layer, self-healing cutting mat with a scale to enable precise layout of cut elements, and professional ruler for precise cutting.

d.rect office brand offers office, home and school product lines
Laminating pouches, binding covers, clips, binder clips, staples and writing instruments: fineliners, gel pens, ballpoint pens, free-ink roller pens.

Free ink roller pens, oil ballpoint pens, graphic liner pens
Professional OHTO graphic liner pens available as a set of five pens with the following tips: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 mm. Designed for writing, drawing, sketching and technical drawing. The longest writing in the world, retractable oil ballpoint pen. Free-ink rollers equipped with ceramic balls.

Permanent markers, OHP markers, whiteboard markers
Mercury permanent marker does not dry out, even when its cap is off for 21 days. Excellent for writing on: paper, glass, metal, film, wood and other materials. They work perfect on dust-covered surfaces, increased temperature and high humidity conditions. Waterproof OHP marker equipped with two tip sizes: F and M and with CD-SAFE feature. Now available also whiteboard and flipchart markers with strong acrylic tips.

Ballpoint pens, gel pens, roller-tip pens, CD markers
Useful, tested by users, cheap, writing instruments by Lantu offered in Europe since 1999. Available: ballpoint pens, gel pens and CD markers.

Kwik-View systems, special staplers
Display panels and stands. Compatible with other kwik-view systems available on the market. Innovative technology of Lemore's products makes them durable, useful and reliable. New special staplers: a classic loading, strong metal pliers stapler, and a strong completer stapler with chromium plated construction and adjustable stapling power control.

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